Knowledge Base: Import Contacts - Yahoo! Contacts

To import contacts from Yahoo! Mail into Savvy Sender you will need to complete the following steps:


Part 1: Exporting contacts from Yahoo! Mail

  1. Sign In to Yahoo! Mail
  2. Click the "Contacts" tab
  3. Under the "Actions" menu, select "Export All..."
  4. Click the "Export Now" button next to "Yahoo! CSV"
  5. Type the captcha code and then click the "Export Now" button
  6. The CSV file will begin downloading, save it to your computer

Part 2: Importing contacts into Savvy Sender

  1. Login to Savvy Sender
  2. Click "Import Contacts"
  3. Click "Upload File"
  4. Type a list name or select and existing list in the "List" field
  5. Select the "File to Import" by clicking "Browse..."
  6. Click the yellow "Upload & Continue" button
  7. Click the yellow "Import" button