Knowledge Base: Import Contacts - Upload File

From the dashboard:

  1. Click "Import Contacts"
  2. Type the name of a new list or select an existing list in the "List" field
  3. Click "Browse..." and select the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (XLSX or XLS), CSV, TAB, TSV, OpenDocument Spreadsheet (ODS), or TXT file to import
  4. Click "Upload & Continue"
  5. Map Fields (outlined below)
  6. Click yellow "Import" button (see screenshot below)

Savvy Sender provides the ability to map columns (from an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file) to fields in Savvy Sender. If the import file contains a header row with columns, such as “Email Address”, “First Name”, “Last Name”, etc. those columns will automatically be mapped to the appropriate fields in Savvy Sender.


The following is the “Map Fields” step based on a sample import contacts file:




Email address is the only required field to create contacts; however, we recommend including first name, last name, and company name when the information is available.