NEW: Sent message segments and consolidated message compose selection window with Savvy Search™ integration!

by SavvySender Monday, March 25, 2013 5:34 PM EST

Sent message segments

Have you ever sent a message and wanted to follow-up with contacts that opened the message or clicked a link? Now you can with Savvy Sender Sent Message Segments, which allows you to select the following segments for a sent message:

  • Opened – contacts that opened the sent message
  • Unopened – contacts that did not open the sent message
  • Clicked – contacts that clicked a link in the sent message
  • Not clicked – contacts that did not click a link in the sent message

For example, if you previously sent a sales promotion and only want to email contacts that did not open the message, you could find the previous sent message and select the “Unopened” segment.



Message compose selection window

The all new consolidated selection window offers the ability to select lists, contacts, and sent message segments from the same window without having to select lists and contacts from separate windows when composing a new message. It even shows recent items first, so you can quickly resend to recent lists and contacts.

Savvy Search™ has been integrated into the search box of the consolidated selection window and offers real-time search results as you type. This provides users the ability to quickly and easily add lists, contacts, and sent messages segments to a new message.


We hope you love the new Savvy Sender updates! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, comments, suggestions or feedback.


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Savvy Search™ updated and more exciting announcements coming soon!

by SavvySender Monday, March 18, 2013 4:16 PM EST

The Savvy Sender team has been working tirelessly to provide the best possible email marketing experience.

Recently, we deployed major ranking improvements to Savvy Search™, our universal search, which helps you instantly and simultaneously search contacts, messages, lists, campaigns, and more. Savvy Search™ even provides suggestions and finds misspelled items. These new improvements make Savvy Search™ more powerful by increasing the accuracy and bringing the most relevant items to the top of the search results.

We have other really big and exciting announcements coming soon, so stay tuned!

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Savvy Sender on Networking Squared – March 8, 2013

by SavvySender Monday, March 11, 2013 9:22 AM EST

Did you know we were live on Networking Squared last Friday talking about email marketing? Here is a link in case you missed us!

Networking Squared interview (starting at 15:15 in the video)

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