Why are some of my emails marked as spam?

by SavvySender Friday, November 9, 2012 11:30 AM EST

Spam is typically determined based on the content of the current message and the sender's reputation. For most public email providers such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo!, AOL, etc., the sender's reputation is determined by previously sent messages and the sender's from address (or sender's domain).

Individual emails marked as spam are often delivered, but they are put into the contact's "Spam" or "Junk E-mail" folder. In some cases, email can be blocked without delivery.

Private companies and organizations often use similar metrics to determine spam; however, it can vary drastically based on anti-spam firewalls, email software, and many other factors.

To improve delivery rates, ask your contacts to add your from address (or your domain) to their "Whitelist" or "Safe Sender List".

Note: if the sender's domain is used for the sender's reputation, then all from addresses for a particular domain could be affected.

To increase deliverability, Savvy Sender uses cutting-edge technology to help reduce the number of emails that are marked as spam.

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