Knowledge Base: Campaigns

Campaigns provide a convenient way to organize messages and view aggregate statistics and reports. For example, “Newsletters”, “Specials”, “Press Releases”, “Announcements”, etc.


Most email marketing companies refer to messages as “campaigns”; however, our experience has shown there is a better way. In Savvy Sender, campaigns are used to organize groups of messages and then view aggregate statistics and reports, which will help you identify trends and improve performance.


Savvy Sender's Heirarchy

Placing messages under campaigns provides much better organizational structure and greatly enhances your ability to analyze groups of messages.



Competitors' Heirarchy

Did you notice the purple boxes are missing? How are you supposed to analyze groups of messages?

Savvy Sender's Heirarchy Competitors' Heirarchy


With Savvy Sender, each account can create one or more campaigns to organize messages.