Knowledge Base: Templates

Templates provide a layout, color theme, and visual style for messages. We provide several options when creating a new template:



Try our Template Builder to quickly and easily create a personalized template.


The “No Style” option and template (in the General category), allows you to send a message without a pre-defined layout, color theme, and visual style (looks like traditional email). This allows users to type or paste content or HTML for a message (click HTML button to toggle to HTML editing mode).




Alternately, Savvy Sender provides the HTML Editor (Advanced), which allows you to create a template by specifying your own HTML. To create a new template:

  1. Click “Templates” under the “Messages” tab
  2. Click “New Template” button near the top right

Tags personalize a template (or message) and are available from the drop-down menu in the HTML section. New templates should include at least one  tag, which will provide new messages an area to enter the main text (see screenshot below):




When selecting a template for a new message, new templates (created using Template Builder and HTML Editor) will automatically show in “My Templates”.


Please let us know if you have any questions or would like assistance creating a new template.