Knowledge Base: Send a test message

How do I send a test message?

  1. Click the "Messages" tab
  2. Click the "New Message" button or click the subject of a draft message (to continue with an existing, unsent message)
  3. From the compose step (if applicable):
    1. Complete the fields and select recipients via one or more of the following:
      • Select existing lists
      • Select existing contacts
      • Select segments from sent messages
    2. Click the "Save, Continue, & Preview" button
  4. From the "Review" step, click the “Send Test Message” button (top right)
  5. Select contacts to send a test copy of the message to
  6. Click the yellow “Send Test Message” button 

Or manually send a test message to yourself:

  1. Click “New Message” under the "Messages" tab
  2. Select a template
  3. On the message compose page, click “Add existing contacts”
    • Search for your contact
      • In the "Search" box, type your email address
    • Click the checkbox to select the contact
    • Click “OK” button
    • Finish composing the message and send

To duplicate a message and send to a list (or other contacts):

  1. Click “Messages” tab
  2. Find the message you want to duplicate and click the duplicate button (outlined in screenshot below) Image1
  3. Select the desired list(s) and/or contact(s)
  4. Send or schedule the message