Knowledge Base: Personalize Messages with Tags

Tags are a great way to personalize a message and can be used in the subject or the body of a message, as well as a template. Tags can be easily added to the body of a message by selecting a tag from the "Tags" dropdown menu, which will insert the selected tag into the body of the message.


The following are some common tags:

  • <S2FirstName/>
  • <S2LastName/>
  • <S2CompanyName/>
  • <S2EmailAddress/>

Tags associated with a contact also support specifying a fallback (default) value. This is helpful if a contact does not have information for the field used, such as first name or last name. Fallback values can be used in a message or template. The syntax for specifying a fallback value is as follows:

  • <S2FirstName>Default value</S2FirstName>

View a full list of Savvy Sender tags.