Knowledge Base: Insert a file or document (resource) into a message (add file attachment)

Resources provide a great way to upload your file/document/flyer/brochure (PDF, Word document, etc.) and provide a link in your message.


To upload and include a resource while composing a message: 

  1. Click the “Documents” button (outlined in red below) Image1
  2. Click “Browse…” and select the document (PDF, Word document, Excel spreadsheet, etc.) from your computer – Skip if document was previously uploaded
  3. Click “Upload” – Skip if document was previously uploaded
  4. Click on the document name (outlined in red below) to insert a link to the document into the message Image2
  5. A link to the document (flyer) has been inserted into the body of the message Image3


Note: Savvy Sender does not support traditional attachments, because they often cause emails to get blocked by spam and malware filters.