Knowledge Base: How do I resize an image?

Sometimes an image from a particular source, such as a digital camera, your website, or a graphic designer is too big and you want to decrease the dimensions (size), so it will better fit in your message and emails. Any graphics editing program can be used to resize images, such as Adobe Photoshop, Paint.NET, or Microsoft Paint.


We recommend using Paint (Microsoft Paint), because it is included for free in Microsoft Windows and allows users to easily open, resize, and save an image before uploading the image to resources or as an account logo.


To resize an image using Paint (the steps may vary depending on the version of Windows):

  1. Open Paint
    • Click the start button > click "All Programs" > click "Accessories" > click "Paint" or
    • Click the start button > in "Search programs and files" type "mspaint" and press enter
  2. Open your image
    1. Click the blue "Paint" tab (to the left of the "Home" tab)
    2. Click "Open"
    3. Select the image you would like to resize
    4. Click the "Open" button
  3. Click "Resize" on the "Home" tab
  4. Change the resize settings as appropriate
    • Make sure "Maintain aspect ratio" is checked
  5. Click "OK"
  6. Save your resized image
    1. Click the blue "Paint" tab (to the left of the "Home" tab)
    2. Move your mouse over "Save as" and click "JPEG picture"
    3. Select the location you want to save the resized image
    4. Type a new file name (different from the original) for the resized image
    5. Click the "Save" button


For more information on Paint see, "Getting started with Paint".