Knowledge Base: Sent message segments

Have you ever sent a message and wanted to follow-up with contacts that opened the message or clicked a link? Now you can with Savvy Sender Sent Message Segments, which allows you to select the following segments for a sent message:

  • Opened – contacts that opened the sent message
  • Unopened – contacts that did not open the sent message
  • Clicked – contacts that clicked a link in the sent message
  • Not clicked – contacts that did not click a link in the sent message

For example, if you previously sent a sales promotion and only want to email contacts that did not open the message, you could find the previous sent message and select the “Unopened” segment.




To send a message to a sent message segment:

  1. Click "New Message" (from the Dashboard or under the "Messages" tab)
  2. Select a template
  3. Click "Select segments from sent messages"
  4. Click the arrow next to the sent message you want to send to
  5. Select one or more sent message segments
    • Opened
    • Unopened
    • Clicked
    • Not clicked
  6. Click "OK" button
  7. Complete message compose process